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  1. I need a Combat logout plugin in which if you are being touched in any way possible by a player (likewise a hit, egg thrown at them, etc), or you're hitting someone, it'll say that you're tagged and what player tagged them. For example:

    You have been tagged by RandomGuyExam.
    You have tagged RandomGuyExam.

    If the player logs out while tagged, it will broadcast a message, drop all the items out of his inventory configurable, and lose a fraction of money using Vault and Essentials, using MoneyMobs to drop money they lost for combat logging. Broadcast example:

    RandomGuyExam has left while in combat! He has lost $5.00

    If he had $20.00 lost $5.00, that makes it so I configured it to where it'll lose 25% of RandonGuyExam's total money.

    If RandomGuyExam was in combat, he cannot do the following:

    - Execute configurable commands
    - Right click on certain items

    I need everything on this thread to be in the plugin, with exceptions of MoneyMobs compatibility.

    The plugin, I suggest can be names CombatLogout. PLEASE MAKE EVERYTHING CONFIGURABLE AS POSSIBLE.

    Please, and thank you.
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  2. latiku


    Plugin requests are no longer a thing on this forum (see archives), you'd probably have better luck paying a developer to create it uniquely for you, or ask around on the Bukkit forum.
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