Solved LoginSecurity plugin problem

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  1. I am using LoginSecurity plugin on my server. It is not formally available yet and today I got one of my friends come and test it. It turns out that somehow the loginsecurity plugin failed, and he (my friend) didn't get a register msg (I was in the server, and the plugin worked well when I logged in). He didn't get registered and he couldn't interact with any of the blocks in the world, nor can he with entities (item drops etc). I wonder what happened here and how can I fix it? btw the problem continues when I switched to another plugin and the error msgs in my console looks like the ones you get when your game version is not compatible with the plugin version.

    game version 1.14.4

    the plugins I installed other excluding ones for login:
  2. Problem solved. Deleted the EssentlasAntiBuild.jar and everything looks just fine
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