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  1. Is there anywhere on this planet a website/thing where you can report corrupt minecraft servers? :D
  2. Couldn't you contact Mojang support?
  3. Aren't they just for enjin websites? Or where should I report it?

    EDIT: Nvm I read Enjin, not mojang. Will contact them I guess
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  4. SOL?

    EDIT: You seem to like the word shit huh? xd
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  5. Short Of Luck
  6. Thanks, and yeah I am
  7. Well they are a pay to win server actually but they don't scam
  8. I'm guessing you're talking about servers using skript?

    Jokes <3
  9. You cannot do anything. I feel you, and I've experienced that kind of thing, but life isn't full of sunshines, rainbows and unicorns
  10. Don't bother. They will laugh at you and trash the report.
  11. Omnivion


    Fuck that, regulation is BS.
  12. Why do you feel the need to complain about a pay to win server. If you arent having fun, find another one.
  13. Yeah that's the point, the server I like, don't excist anymore or they are just like this...
  14. Wait my message got removed WTF
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    I agree, but it's not regulation I'm referring to. Just references.

    Yea, mine too, even though there are other messages in this thread saying basically the same thing heh. *shrug*
  16. Jesus christ I can't even tell a story