LolcatPvP looking for staff and players! Bungeecord!

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What is your favorite Mincecraft Server game? Factions, Skyblock, Minigames, etc.

  1. Factions

  2. Skyblock

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  3. Eggwars

  4. Minigames

  5. ALL

  6. Other

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  1. LolcatPvP has Factions, Skyblock, Eggwars, and more to come, i am the developer and LolcatPvP will be coming out with a CUSTOM WWE Fighting plugin! We are looking for Staff, and players!
    For staff: contact ilikelolcatz on skype at live:ilikelolcatz
    If you want to play and have a fun time, JOIN NOW!!
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  2. GaIaxy


    This entire thing is worse than I thought.

    The name is trash.
    The server domain is trash.
    The port is trash.

    Just stop.
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  3. Hey, its not my server lol, i know its all trash. i just get payed to code and publicize. - better ip
  4. GaIaxy


    That makes it all better..

    Not really
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  5. latiku


    This isn't the right forum to advertise your server
  6. MY ip was banned on one IDKW cant join the other two due to maintnence and crash
  7. Skyblock is no longer existent i guess, idk, eggwars is still being developed, factions is up
  8. Then why even have a network if only 1 gamemode which is the most generic and boring gamemode of them all, is up.
  9. You are paid to tell people about the server but are allowed to talk shit about it right after? 69/10 IGN
  10. yep