Long Live Spigot - First Milestones

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  1. md_5

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    Discuss this post and more at our friendly IRC channel, #spigot @irc.esper.net
    If you are reading this post and haven’t signed up for the forums yet, I strongly consider you to do so now, just hit the signup button to your right.

    #934 has been promoted to RB to fix some important issues in the previous build. ALL owners are advised to update at once.

    Promoted an older Bungee build (#514), be warned of issues with newer builds.

    Well, its been over a month since the Long Live Spigot post and I feel like its time to go over how far we’ve progressed. First up might I say that the response to that post was absolutely amazing, the support by each and every one of you has been incredible, and I feel it has really boosted the Spigot community as a whole. Today I’m going to cover the changes we have made in the recent weeks, which have occurred as a result of the goals set out then. You may have noticed many little things such as slightly snappier forums, a multitude of new Bungee related sections, as well as Tapatalk support, however there have also been some bigger things emerging, such as the wiki, which will become the documentation and community hub for all SpigotMC projects. To this end I’d like to congratulate brajo on receiving the title of “Wiki Team Lead”, and this next paragraph is a short excerpt from him outlining the use of the wiki.

    Moving forth, I’d like to formally announce the final draft of our new Spigot configuration. This new file, spigot.yml, has been designed from the ground up by the community in order to have the most flexible configuration options available for use by any Minecraft server admin, enabling them to configure Spigot specific features such as growth, as well as the anti xray. It also provides an unprecedented level of control over existing Bukkit settings by allowing them to be specified per world and per IP. You can view a copy of the final draft of this file here: https://gist.github.com/md-5/5780059. In addition this configuration includes some new options, such as the translation of unsightly, hard-coded Bukkit messages, and all options will be extensively documented by our crack squadron of wiki editors (meaning you :p).

    As promised before (you might have realised by now that we like to keep our promises), both our unlimited repo and user Git hosting, as well as our free ZNC bouncer services are now fully operational. Getting started with this Git hosting for you and your server development team has never been easier, simply create an account over at http://git.spigotmc.org/ and start creating projects until your heart is content. There are nice tutorials and HOWTOs available once you are logged in.

    Our fleet of ZNC bouncers has also been upgraded with unique IPV6 addresses for everyone, and the ability to set your own, custom hostname. The Spigot forums authentication has also been activated meaning that you may sign in with your Spigot forums username and password. As always simply contact md_5, or fill out this form: http://j.md-5.net/118cgvc

    “Code freeze” is never a buzzword supposed to be used as an excuse to say “sorry for the lack of updates”, however at this point in time, I would like to announce, that the current Spigot build (#934) is in all likelihood going to be the last major build we offer for about a week or two. This has been decided on the basis that these latest builds have been proven to be extremely stable and have been built from the latest and greatest API changes in both Spigot, and Bukkit. By not pushing any further builds, we have the ability to work on the new spigot.yml (which is also a major overhaul and cleanup of our existing code), in peace, meaning we don’t have to deal with any issues etc until it is done. As hinted above, this build also contains new Spigot specific APIs for Arrows, Skeletons, and Particle Effects, amongst others. Developers are advised to check the source on GitHub for the latest documentation on these APIs.

    Following this Spigot recommended build, I would also like to take the time to promote BungeeCord #514. The reasoning for this, is that it too has been proven to be stable, and contains a multitude of new features. The most notable enhancement here, is the addition of JLine, leading to a proper, coloured, scrollable, and editable terminal, similar to what you already enjoy in Spigot. The Netty team has finished their work on a new version of their network engine, which I have already implemented into a branch. Shortly I will be merging this branch into the main BungeeCord builds. It boasts very nice performance and hopefully fixes some issues we have been seeing, however it may be a slightly rocky road, hence we recommend you stick with what works!

    Some of you may have noticed that our current GitHub repositories are all over the place. Most of Spigot resides under the EcoCityCraft organisation, and BungeeCord under the ElasticPortalSuite organisation, and further still, our Handbook under the SpigotMC organisation. In order to better consolidate what SpigotMC is about, and to reflect the addition of BungeeCord (and its related subforums) as a SpigotMC project, we will be moving all of these into the SpigotMC organisation. This is simply an announcement of intent, and we do not plan to do any moving soon, however please be aware that when we do, links etc will break as a result. https://github.com/SpigotMC/

    Before I finish this on a high note, and some exciting news and goals, I would like to mention some more behavioural issues within the community. Up until a few weeks ago, we were very lightly moderated, however certain people have abused this trust, and even with the addition of harsher moderating more recently, still persist to attack and bully other members. This is not acceptable, and from now on, continued attacks will lead to a very simple strike system:

    Repeated warnings and content removal -> 3 day ban -> 1 week ban -> 1 month ban -> permanent ban. It is my desire that we keep moderation as transparent, and loose as possible, and also that we should never have to remove someone from the community permanently, however if they continue to be a menace, they will be removed. Remember guys, think before you post!

    As my penultimate news item, I would just like to outline what is anticipated to happen when Minecraft 1.6 is released. Due to the scope (and occasionally pointless) changes made by Mojang to the Minecraft Protocol in recent snapshots, we are unable to offer the snapshot protocol support we have had in the past. Instead we will be taking a more active approach to ensuring you get Spigot for Minecraft 1.6 as soon as is humanely possible. In order to ensure that you lose absolutely zero players due to not having updated your server, we will be working closely with MonsieurApple and his development team over at Overcast Network (http://oc.tc/). Using some of our in house tools designed explicitly for the purpose of updating Spigot (https://github.com/md-5/SpecialSource/), we hope to be able to offer a working 1.6 build within days of the pre release being made available. This is very exciting news, and we hope that it turns out as well for 1.6 as it did for them and 1.5!

    Finally I would like to announce our formal goal for the next few months, I am going to be calling it Spigot 3E4, or Spigot 30,000. Quite simply this reflects our goal of getting 30,000 Minecraft servers to use Spigot. As we sit at the moment, currently approximately 23,000 Minecraft servers use Spigot, and with our current growth rates of as high as 2,000 new servers a month, this should be reachable within 4 months. However 4 months is October which is a long time away and users shouldn’t have to wait until then to learn about Spigot. Our last community goal, as you can see, was sprucing up the forum subsections, moderation and wiki. With this done, our next goal is publicity and reaching 30,000+ users! We have a number of ideas in mind, including negotiating advertising with server lists and server hosts, and we will be continuing to update you as these advance.

    Signing off once again on this fine June day, just a week or two out from our first birthday,

    Long Live Spigot!

    ~The Spigot Team
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  2. Great job spigot team. You and I am sure will continue to be amazing, lets get to that 30,000 players.
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  3. jtaylor69

    Moderator Wiki Team

    Long live Spigot!
    Great work from all those that are involved!

    Big thank you to md_5
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  4. Awesome work, nice post, looking forward to the upcoming days of spigot! Long live Spigot!
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  5. Long live Spigot! Awesome news, and good job on all you've worked on.
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  6. I'm excited :)
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  7. Awesome! Thanks for all the work you have put in this project.
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  8. Puremin0rez



    Long Live Spigot!
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  9. Wazez


    I want to donate to spigot.
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  10. You can't.
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  11. Sway

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    Good job! Keep up the wonderful work <3
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  12. jtaylor69

    Moderator Wiki Team

    Just spread the word to other server owners :)
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  13. vemacs


    And thus begins the further differentiation of Spigot and Bukkit. Next step: API?
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  14. I think it should be Spigot implementing Bukkit API, but offer additional things in Spigot API. That way the large majority of Bukkit plugins can still be used by Spigot users, and at the same time, we can still create additional plugins to target specific Spigot admins' needs.
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  15. That is already happening with the effects api and arrow api >_>…
  16. Bukkit had it's good times, but now something greater is about to (already has, kinda) take the lead. Long live Spigot!
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  17. Amazing work!
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  18. Don't forget the Effects API. ;)
  19. Great work everyone! :) Spigot <3 !
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  20. That was an eloquent post!
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