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  1. md_5

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    8% of servers use Spigot
    28% of minecrafters play on Spigot servers
    95% of awesome server owners use Spigot * results may vary

    We are nearing the one year anniversary of Spigot, and boy oh boy have we come a long way since then. In approaching this milestone in our development, I think now would be a great time to look back on all the great things which we have done, and all the great things which we have planned for server owners, developers and players into the future. This post serves to outline where we wish to go in the future, and to garner community feedback on the various options and ideas that we have available to us.

    Current Development
    Our current development focus is code cleanup, stability and configuration. We have chosen this goal as most of the core Spigot team will be dealing with mid year / final exams over the next few months, and development time is limited. By the time we are done, I anticipate that we will have achieved a few outcomes. Namely that each Spigot change will be in its own, standalone patch, and that all configuration options will be moved to spigot.yml. The spigot.yml file, is a file to which we will be slowly phasing in to cover all Spigot specific options. In this file you will be able to configure any setting specific to Spigot, enabling easier segregation between Spigot and Bukkit features.

    Move to MCP
    One thing that has been holding us up in the rapid and stable development of Spigot, has been relying on CraftBukkit code, and obfuscation mappings produced by the Bukkit team. Whilst we thank them for all their hard work, the core team has decided that at the end of Q2 this year (hopefully before / just after 1.6), we will be phasing out the use of mc-dev as the base for all our patches. Doing this, and still retaining 100% binary compatibility with all NMS using plugins is no small feat, however thanks to the development of two fantastic tools (SpecialSource by md_5 & agaricus, and Srg2Source by agaricus), this is now possible. Spigot patches will be programmed against the unique Searge names produced by MCP, with scripts to rename / preview then as friendly names. This allows several key benefits, namely that fact that Searge names are unique across any Minecraft version and never change. With this in place, Minecraft updates will be easier like never before, and we will be able to produce updates within hours of an MCP / pre release, and our developers get to work with very clean, well deobfuscated code.

    Expanding Horizons & Secret Threading Business
    As many people have pointed out over the months, Spigot is not entirely focused on performance, we also provide many new and useful features to the Minecraft server. Today I would like to officially acknowledge that we officially will be continuing and developing this in order to provide an unparalleled feature set when compared to any other Minecraft server. We already have plans for features such as pipe commands (linux users, think grep), and would love your input on stuff that is essential to any server. We will also be working on improving the built in orebfuscator, and perhaps providing enhanced anti hack capabilities for crucial, but destructive hacks.
    Rest assured, performance tweaks will not be taking a backseat with this development, and I am pleased to announce that my primary goal during my June break will be threads. Yes you heard correctly. Threads. For a long time people have said that it is impossible to thread Minecraft without breaking plugins, however I tell you no! It can be done! The use of MCP as our source, as well as a cleaner, more stable code base, and never before seen ideas, will lead to this vision being possible.

    Recently we have had the misfortune of having much of our work taken to both downstream, and upstream projects without proper accreditation detailing both the sourcing, and original authors of the code. As we are currently regarded as a GPL licensed project, due to our inheritance of CraftBukkit; this is completely unacceptable, however this same inheritance gives us somewhat little power over enforcing it. To this extent, we are keen to apply section 7B of the GPLv3 license to Spigot. However the exact specifics of whether or not this can be applied to a derivative GPL project; or the even greater question of whether or not Spigot, as it is made up primarily of original patch files, can be completely relicensed remains up for debate. If we are unable to come to an internal conclusion we will be seeking legal advice on the matter, however if you know a lawyer, or someone with a good understanding of software law, I urge you to get them into contact with us, to save both time and money.

    Intrepid deals for the community
    Staminus Communications, is a hosting provider well known in the Minecraft hosting, and DDOS protection communities. They host some of the largest servers in existence, and for the last six months have been host to these lovely forums. Many of the servers here struggle with DDOS, and as you are surely well aware of, DDOS protection is costly, and quickly blows out into the thousands of dollars a month. As part of our way of saying thanks, we have successfully brokered a deal with under Intreppid, the Minecraft branch of Staminus, to provide 10gbps shared DDOS protection from as little as $200 a month, and protected, dedicated hosting from the bargain price of $300. More details of this deal will be posted shortly, but you can check the available offers here: http://j.md-5.net/10aqSLe

    Free services for the community
    Part of being an open source project, means we get shiny stuff for free! We have recently procured an Atlassian Stash license to be home to our internal development tools, and as part of this, we would like to offer free GIT hosting to those who may be interested. Hosting on Stash, an enterprise centered code sharing platform is ideal for smaller servers or standalone developers to get started. Contact md_5 with what you wish to use this service for.
    IRC Bouncers
    The other service which we would like to offer is IRC bouncers. Quite simply an IRC bouncer is a proxy that enables you to stay connected to IRC, and get messages that occur whilst you are disconnected. We host the latest ZNC version with all modules enabled, and passwords are shared with your forums account. Once again, contact md_5 on IRC.
    We can host builds for any Maven integrated project you developers might have, once again, just contact md_5 for details.

    Resource Manager
    A month ago, the resource manager silently found its way to the forums. By clicking on the resources tab, it is your gateway to submitting Bukkit, Spigot or BungeeCord plugins. There is no approval required for project / file submissions, however we will remove those which we have been informed to be malicious, or stolen. You are free to create and upload paid plugins here as well, so get coding!

    We currently feel that many server owners are not using Spigot, simply because they are so painfully unaware of its existence. In order to raise awareness of Spigot, we are seeking suggestions from you guys about ways to do this. Comment below if you have any ideas you would like us to look at implementing.

    Server Owners
    Spigot seems to be becoming more and more involved in the early patching and fixing of duplication glitches / exploits; as well as the fact that the signal to noise ratio in the bug reporting forums has gotten quite high. In order to combat this, we are interested in producing a private subforum, for the viewing of authorised server owners, or in some cases developers, where duplication glitches, exploits and other high priority bugs may be posted. This forum would also be used to provide early review and feedback on announcements such as this. We love to be an open community, however in some cases, especially where the health of servers is concerned, we have to be a bit more closed.We are looking for a name, and process of application for this rank, and once again submissions from the community are welcome.

    IRC Staff
    With the recent influx of new users in the #spigot irc channel, its evident that our laid back attitude cannot cope with the sheer volume of users, and the behaviour of some of them. In order to amend this issue, we’ll be laying down some basic ground rules and will need your help to create and enforce them. In order to apply for IRC staff, you must have a working knowledge of IRC, as well as being active on the Spigot channel. If you are interested you may email your applications to [email protected], providing a little bit of info about yourself, what timezone you are in, and ideas for a ruleset.

    So signing off on this fine Saturday evening / Sunday morning, the Spigot team would like to say thanks for the great time we have had so far, and hope it will continue long into the future.
    I would also like to ask you to pass on your best wishes to ammar2, who will shortly be completing his final exams.

    Best of luck, and long live Spigot!
    ~Spigot Team
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  2. andrewkm

    Patron ⭐⭐⭐

    Amazing work, amazing project and amazing team!
    Spigot shall go on! :D
  3. spigot FTW !
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  4. vemacs


    Will this turn out like the hey0 -> Bukkit transition? I sure hope so!

    With potentially new API features like the thread safety md_5 promised above, I hope that the Spigot API becomes promoted more...

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  5. I own 5 server with 100% spigot powered ;)
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  6. CustomForms

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    Honestly, spigot has allowed my server to excel in optimization. I am now able to add greater options and many more features. Thank you very much for taking this project seriously. Thank you to all of the spigot staff.

    One question, how exactly do we become a certified server owner?

    Viva la spigot!
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  7. \o/

    Spigot is best got!
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  8. Jigsaw


    Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work. :)
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  9. md_5

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    That's what we need feedback on you to provide, I'm currently leaning towards an application system providing background info on your server + then your posts here can be reviewed to make sure you aren't a 13 year old wasting out time.
    Also since we are all / mostly server owners I think the title needs to be changed to something else.
  10. CustomForms

    CustomForms Retired Moderator
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    Personally I think it should be a verbal application. That greatly increases the effectiveness of the process. Just ask them a few question as why they should be a certified server owner on the spigot forums.

    EDIT: If I could suggest a name, it would be Certified Reporter.
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  11. It's great to see how far Spigot has come and what services you guys have provided to the entire community, it's amazing! Happy to see Spigot grow, I will continue linking to server owners as much as possible.

    Awesome! :)
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  12. Can't believe it's been an entire year, honestly I think the changes you are making are in the right direction, and without Spigot I would surely have to pay a ton more for RAM. Thanks everyone involved in Spigot development!
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  13. If you are talking about this - http://gyazo.com/ac22cbf03bba05d55f7f14bc63277062 I would also like to know... I would also like to donate to spigot/you. How can I do that. :rolleyes:
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  14. CustomForms

    CustomForms Retired Moderator
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  15. Truly excellent work. We switched from CraftBukkit to Spigot 2-3 months ago and the performance of the server was multiplied tenfold.

    Thank you!

    And for what it's worth, I am a server owner.
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  16. So much text for a simple "We are getting closer to taking over the world"
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  17. Lol,
    Good job md_5 once your amazing new technical stuff is done, the community should push to take over bukkit, spigot ftw!
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  18. Long Live Spigot!

    You forgot 92% of Servers are laggy just after 8% use spigot ;)
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  19. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Glad to have discovered spigot a long while ago.

    Long live Spigot and the future of Spigot!
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  20. Is it Christmas already?
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