Spigot Long Messages v1.1

Extend the length of chat messages with a simple '&'!

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    Long Messages - Extend the length of chat messages with a simple '&'!

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  2. This is incredibly inventive! I wish I had thought of this! This NEEDS to be made premium soon or people are going to copy you!
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  3. RiotShielder


    People will copy regardless, it's a simple plugin and doesn't need to be made premium.
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  4. That's right. It's very simple, and doesn't need to be premium. I'm actually thinking I'm going to open source it for the next release.
  5. Wat? SIMPLE? How did you override minecraft's message length limit with the newly merged messages?
  6. RiotShielder


    He didn't, that's not possible without a client side mod.

    It works by sending multiple chat lines in a buffer to the server, and then sending the combined message when "!" is sent.
  7. Very close. It works by intercepting incoming chat messages that end with the extension character, storing them, and sending it all when you send a message without the extension character. "&" is the default extension character. This way you do not need to send an "!" And it won't interfere with normal chat.
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  9. I've published a new version and open sourced the plugin. Feel free to open issues and make pull requests on GitHub!