Spigot LongerMessages 1.0.4

Write longer messages

  1. inventivetalent submitted a new resource:

    LongerMessages - Write longer messages - Support for TabbyChat

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  2. Does this work?
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  3. Of course it works, why would I post it otherwise?
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  4. @Jonah_Ferguson
    Please report problems in the discussion before reviewing.
    If it doesn't load, you either didn't install it correctly, or there has to be at least a message or error from the plugin.
    Also, you're saying it isn't compatible with 1.8.3. Did you even test it with any other versions?
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  5. I don't really know, lol. Probably 7 or 8
  6. Seems like I accidentally compiled it for Java 8 then. I'll upload a Java 7 version in a few minutes.
  7. @BananaCNetwork
    Thanks for the review :)
    Permissions is a great idea indeed, I totally forgot about that :eek:.
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  8. So, how can I fix that? When I unloaded your plugin the meessages weren't duplicated
  9. You could try to unload some of your chat plugins (if you have any).
    If it works after you unloaded a specific one, let me know which plugin causes the messages to duplicate.
  10. @inventivetalent Idea: Add a permission for how much times we can extend the message, so longermessage.limit.X
  11. I unloaded the three chat plugins I had: MineverseChat, the free version of ChatControl, and even EssentialsChat. The problem is still happening...
  12. In the now newest version, the plugin loads and messages do split, BUT when you send a normal message that is not part of a split message, the last character of said message is ALWAYS cut off. Example: I send "Hello", it prints out, "Hell".
  13. Are you using the character or time base split method?