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Rejected LongHashSet is consuming far too much memory

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by bergerkiller, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Made an account just for this...

    Anyway, in TrainCarts I make heavy use of LongHashSets to store chunk coordinate information of trains/minecarts. A few days ago, dockter messaged me about a memory issue. A stunning 3 gb was 'consumed' by the offline train storage system. I then spent a few days debugging this issue.

    Now, after profiling the memory usage per code block with Dockter's help, we have identified the issue, and that is the LongHashSet. A single LongHashSet instance, with an initial size of about 30 elements, consumed 4 mb of RAM memory, persistently! On CraftBukkit the ENTIRE storage consumes less than 1 mb. How can a single element (out of 400 of them) consume well over that amount, 8 mb?! (I use two Long Hashsets)

    Now, I looked at Spigots changelog, and well...here we go.

    I have no idea why a single LongHashSet instance uses a 2-dimensional Object[1024][1024] array to check whether elements are contained. md_5 will have to explain that himself I suppose.

    And yes, a HashSet<Long> consumed far less memory than this implementation.
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  2. md_5

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    1 element uses no ram over the base.
    The base is 4mb.
    There are 2 instances per world.
    So on a 16 world server, thats 32 instances == 128mb ram.

    Please explain how that is far too much.
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  3. md_5
    I already knew by IRC that you were going to expect LongHashSet/Maps to be used as long-term storage only. For that matter, I have 'bypassed' the LongHashSet code of Spigot in BKCommonLib so it uses a HashSet instead. If it is every worth it, I'll just copy-paste the original code in there. Or, easier, write a Dummy FlatMap that doesn't do anything.