Looking for 1.16 Physical Economy/Currency Plugin

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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a physical economy plugin, similar to https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/the-new-economy.7805/

    The idea of a physical economy plugin is that instead of your balance being a number that you can check with a command or on the scoreboard, money is actual physical items, such as gold ingots (which you could mine)

    Sadly, theneweconomy is the only plugin currently that does this, but it seems like it's quite outdated and has lots of unnecessary features. Not sure about the code quality or performance either.

    Does anyone know a plugin that can you this? If not, which other economy plugins do you suggest?
  2. maybe i just dont understand it.. it's implied when it says custom economy, multiple currency support.
  3. I think by multiple currency support they mean you could have 1 currency called coins, 1 currency called dollars, etc, not necessarily that it's physical items
  4. I've never used this, but it's an item-based economy that can be put into a bank (vault compatible) for shops and other stuff that requires Vault. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/the-piggy-bank.74104/ I think you can also customize the item. If you look at the author's resources there are versions for iron, gold, emerald, and diamond also I believe.
  5. it doesn't automatically exclude it, i dont use the plugin, feel free to not use it, i dont really care. just trying to help. up to you to try it out.
  6. Thanks, that plugin also looks pretty good, although according to reviews has horribly performance. It's not open-source either sadly.
  7. Oh ok. I've never used or tested it, just saw it, and thought it sounded similar to what you wanted.
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