Looking for a Beer/Wine Plugin

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  1. Hey,

    I’ve tried looking around but couldn’t find a simple solution. I’m looking for a wine/bar tender plugin where players can purchase wine using a GUI. I don’t want them to be able to craft them, only purchase from store.

  2. Its unlikely you'll find something that exact.

    Its more likely, you need to check wine/beer plugins for commands that give these custom items, and use a GUI shop plugin to run the command to the player, when they buy the custom set item.
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  3. I was looking into that originally then using Deluxe Menus to run the command but still can’t find something simple to give the actual beer
  4. This plugin by @Sn0wStorm allows creating custom brews. You can then use your GUI plugin, and make it run a command to give you a custom brew (wine or beer, you decide).
  5. As I said in my message, the OP will need a plugin with a command that allows the giving of the custom item.
    The plugin you provide, does not have said command.

    Custom items from the plugin wouldn't be obtainable using a normal /give either. (To my understanding. please correct if wrong)
  6. There a command that allows getting a brew I believe, something like /brew create. OP can run that command from the target player and temporarily give permission to perform the command.

    Would be easier if the plugin had a give command though, could probably easily be done with an add-on though.
  7. I used this, when I had NPCs on my Server. Maybe a bit overwhelming at first, but you can do everything with Denizen.
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