Looking for a compass plugin

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  1. Hello :)
    I was wondering if anyone knows of a plugin where i can make custom compasses.
    For example my server is faction like and there are dungeons/raids or whatever you want to call em scattered across the map.

    i want a plugin which i can have a bunch of different compasses which lead you to set locations i chose
    like 1 compass guides you to one dungeon
    a different compass leads you to a different dungeon

    let me know, its kinda hard for players to find dungeons
  2. I am not aware of a plugin doing this. Sorry.
  3. I could easily make a plugin like this for you that's fully customizable. You can add my discord Str8#8580 if you would like to discuss further.
  4. i added u
  5. i don't see any plugin like that before
  6. Hi!

    You should use ChestCommands, it's a easy plugin. You can make custom chests, with commands inside. Default command -> /cc help
    Custom join items: ItemJoin