Looking for a Crate Plugin

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  1. You probably use a plugin made to function like hypixel's. Hypixel's plugins are private.

    Anyway if you are looking for a free plugin, go with either Crates Plus or Crazy Crates.

    If you are willing to get a premium plugin, get crates reloaded.
  2. Valkyy is saying that hypixel's plugins aren't anywhere online. There can be replicas or similar plugin's to hypixel, but they can never be the real ones.
  3. Crazy Crates.

    Specialized Crates if you like GUIs

    Crates Plus for something very very simple

    And about specialized crates, for me it was a bit of a pain setting it up since it's all in a damn GUI but the end result is much better than literally any other plugin. I suggest crazycrates though. Just my opinion

    Also the dev is nice and gives good support.
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  4. They do, kinda since they pay developers to make them
  5. Nah, not really. They just pay someone to make them custom plugins instead of paying someone to give them ready plugiins.
  6. Why are y'all arguing abt general things.
    Buying plugins and paying the devs to make a plugin is literally almost the same thing.
    Just that:
    1. Paying the devs can allow the client to get the dev to make it according to what they want, instead of something general for all.
    2. For General plugins, Buying Plugins and Paying The Devs are the same, buying the plugin allows you to see only the final product, while paying the devs allows you to see the process.