Looking for a Crates plugin that supports MySQL

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am a developer for a bungeecord network. We are looking for a crates plugin that can connect a MySQL database allowing us to sync voting keys. Basically, when you vote on a website, votifier will send the player a voting key, but when the player redeems the vote they are given the voting key only for that server. (This would work by communicating with the database telling it to remove the redeemable vote from all servers as it has been redeemed), this would stop players from voting once and being able to redeem numerous votes on all servers.

    Can anyone tell me what plugin can do this? Thank you.
  2. Would i be better off leaving voting keys global?
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  3. How did you solve it? ;)
  4. Turns out I was looking at the situation wrong. Instead, I simply used NuVotifier on my proxy server and configured it to only send votes to the server upon which the player was connected to. From there a listener would receive the vote and distribute a voting key for CratesPlus.