Looking for a developer.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by rossfudgew, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. I need a plugin developer for a small plugin that will save me a lot of time on my server. I'm getting ready to relaunch it after some downtime, and I am looking for ways to streamline my promotion system.

    My server has a 13 y/0 + community and we verify this through forum registration and ect. This drives people away from my server because they don't want to be bothered with it... So what I need is a plugin that will act as an age verifier server side to eliminate this problem.

    It needs to do the following
    • Allow players to input thier birthday via a command
    • Needs to be able to run a plugin command that you set in a settings file if they pass a set age limit
    • Needs to list birthdays in a motd format for joining players
    • Needs a ./birthdays command to list birthdays on the server
    • Needs a ./birthday playername for users to lookup other players birthdays
    • Needs a bypass/ignore command for admins to use incase a player messed up/obtained permission from the staff to be on the server ect.
    • All commands will need a permission node
    • Needs to log birthdays to a database.
    • Needs to run another command that can be set in the permissions file if they fail the age limit test
    • Needs an age limit to be set.
    Because it is running console commands it will be essentially a bukkit plugin, though I use bungee on my servers to link them together and manage them all, so It may need to be compatible with bungee essentials.
    If you are interested in helping me out, reply to this thread or PM me!