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  1. Hi guys, so I have a couple of questions regarding getting a server.

    Let's start with the use case, I'm studying application and media development (basically just learning how to develop apps and websites), for that study I need a server to test applications on, so that's 1. I would also like to host a few websites on it (these will be small to medium websites). And finally I would also like to host a minecraft server on it to play on with a couple of friends.
    So what I want to host on it:
    - applications I need to test (for my study)
    - a few small to medium websites
    - a minecraft server for a couple of friends

    So now we got that out of the way, I would like to know what would be best for me to pick. A dedicated server, a hybrid server or a VPN and also what host. The host should be European and preferably located near the Netherlands. My budget is ~25 euro's a month, I'm fine with paying a bit more if the price performance is really good.

    Please do not just give me the name of the host but also tell me why you think I should go for that host and what your or your friends experiences are with that host.
  2. Hi. I can recommend you trying to use Google Cloud Platform: cloud.google.com
    It will be a short-term solution (for a month or so) before you find a proper hosting provider.
    They will give your 270 euros (for free) that you can use for creating and maintaining VMs for the purposes you have listed.
    They have a data center in Netherlands with a "compute-optimized" machine family that can easily handle 20 players on a Minecraft server. Not to mention being capable of handling web sites or being used for educational purposes.
  3. Well I'm looking for a long term solution here. I don't need it right now, so I do have some time to look around and compare different providers.
  4. Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are you insane? GCP isn't suitable for Minecraft and is way too overpriced anyway, especially in bandwidth costs

    Anyhow, OP you have a few choices:
    Scaleway - CPUs on the DEV instances are EPYC 7281s - not great for Minecraft but it'll run just fine for a couple of friends. Scaleway has a presence in Amsterdam, but mostly France and is super cheap and mostly reliable (never have had an issue personally, but wouldn't host mission critical infrastructure for some super huge government project on there). Network within Europe is good, you'll often get 2gbps speeds even when paying for 100mbps, but I've heard it deteriorates when connecting to servers outside of Europe.
    OVH - Mostly same as Scaleway, CPUs are Xeons, not brilliant for MC but it'll work just fine. Super cheap but also reliable too.
    ExtraVM - Host run by @MikeA, EU VPSs are run on OVH servers, but with 7700Ks, which offer greater MC performance
    Hetzner Cloud - Again, pretty cheap but still reliable. Based in Germany, CPUs are Xeon Golds, which should run MC pretty well although I've never tried it. Added bonus is you get 10gbps network (20TB transfer limit however), but I really doubt you're going to come anywhere even near close to needing that.
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  5. I know that it is overpriced, just like the AWS and other cloud services from big companies.
    That's why I said it would be a short term solution that can be utilized for a month or so.
    It is though suitable for the purposes described in the OP's post. And I can assure that it will hold a reasonable amount of players (20>x>5) on their compute-optimized machine family with a high-frequency CPU on it.
  6. Sure it works, but is it a good solution? No, OP wants something that will work for a long time (i.e. not have to find a new host and spend time migrating everything after a year), and also something that isn't super super overpriced, which public cloud is. OP will be fine with a $5/mo VPS, he doesn't need to be spending $15/mo on a tiny GCP instance plus a fuckton in traffic costs.

    Also wouldn't really describe them as high frequency CPUs, unless you go with the CPU optimised instances, as you suggested, which start at $120/mo
  7. Yes it does. But they give 300 credits when you sign up. So with the starting compute-optimized (4 cores, 16Gb ram) setup and 500 Gb SSD drive it would hold up for a month. Just like I said.
  8. Why would he want a GCP instance for a month when he wants a long-term solution and would have to migrate everything over which is just painful to do
  9. Wellicht kun je gebruik maken van kimsufi is redelijk goedkoop of ni-host
  10. Thanks for the advice, I guess OVH is gonna be my best bet for now. Judging by thre reviews I found for Scaleway OVH will be better price performance wise. Thanks all for helping! (will keep this thread open for any other suggestions)