Looking for a good anticheat plugin

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  1. Hi i am looking for an anticheat plugin that works on bungee cord or a spigot server don't mind but it needs to work with litebans anyone know a plugin that can do that
  2. JI (Janitor) is a good anticheat.
  3. There are thanfully many options and most anticheats nowadays support lite-bans. I'd personally recommend Kauri, OverFlow or Kauri. I would definitely advice you to stay away from anything on spigot at the moment as most projects here are outdated or unstable.

    Here are the links:
    - Verus: https://www.mc-market.org/threads/335067/
    - Kauri: https://funkemunky.cc/shop
    - OverFlow: discord.me/overflow

    Although, your best bet as always is to buy something custom but that costs a lot of money. For any questions feel free to tag me or PM me here.
  4. NoCheatPlus is a fork of the famous anti-cheat plugin NoCheat created by Evenprime. NoCheatPlus attempts to enforce vanilla Minecraft mechanics, as well as preventing players from abusing weaknesses in Minecraft or its protocol, making your server more safe mcdvoice customer survey
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