Looking for a good dev.

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  1. Hey, I'm new to Minecraft servers and I need a good developer for the server, someone who is quick and can easily help me, first I need ranks with permissions and then general help afterwards. I'm so slow at it and it will take me months to do D':
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    You say you need a developer, but your task description sounds more like you need an admin. A developer is one who crafts custom plugins. If you aren't looking for custom code, you should be posting for an admin.

    Also, you should be mentioning what is in it for them. You're asking for an investment in time and effort, especially if you really do need custom plugins. As such, some sort of remuneration is in order ;)
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  3. idk tbh im only 14 but i need someone who can help me with luckperms and ranks :'(
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    Ahh. Yea, you need an admin not a dev. What you should do, first, is look at your list of plugins. Go to the page for each one and get the permissions list. Open a text editor (or spreadsheet if you have such software) and lay out your desired groups. Then you decide what you want each group to be able to do, getting the permission node from the plugin pages and putting it in the list. So take EssentialsX for example. If you go to their permissions list (https://essinfo.xeya.me/permissions.html) you see a bunch of nodes. Grabbing a few we see:

    Essentials afk essentials.afk Allow access to the /afk command.
    Essentials afk essentials.afk.message Allow access to settings an afk message.
    Essentials afk essentials.afk.others Allows you to AFK other players.
    Essentials antioch essentials.antioch Allow access to the /antioch command.
    Essentials back essentials.back Allow access to the /back command.
    Essentials back essentials.back.ondeath Give this permission to allow players to use /back to go to their death spot

    So if you decide you want players to be able to go AFK, you put essentials.afk in your list. If you want them to set a message, you also put essentials.afk.message. If you do not want that, do not copy that node. Then you see essentials.afk.others. That lets you set other players AFK. Typically not something you want everyone to have, so you may put that in your mod group if you want such a group. Antioch is pretty much not something to give anyone, lol. Then you decide if you want them to be able to use /back. So on and so forth. Do that for each plugin then at the end, you have your grid of who can do what.

    You then just plug it into LuckPerms. So you see, that's pretty simple. You don't really need someone else for that. All you need to do is learn how it something works then you can do it for yourself. If you want to run a server, you should be able to handle basic stuff like that yourself. Relying on other people is not a good idea, because they may vanish and you're stuck or they may sneak crap in that you don't want, or they may just be dicks and destroy everything.
  5. Wow, thanks, its gonna take me yeaaaaaaaaaaaars xD
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    lol it sounds like a lot of work, but it's pretty easy. Just tedious.
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