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  1. Hello,
    I'm looking for a shared host that has decent reviews and has servers in the USA. I'm hoping to get 8GB for less than $20/mo. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! :)
  2. A big one advertised around Minecraft is PebbleHost but I'd personally recommend going with Beastnode. I'm not sure if I can directly link to them (as that would be considered advertising) but give those two names a google and see which one fits your needs.

    The reason I recommend beastnode is because I feel like the support team is a lot more organized and professional. I've had servers go down for countless hours at night before without any reply from pebblehost staff. Similar things happened on beastnode but they were very prompt with fixing any issues as soon as they started assisting me. Pebblehost wasn't so fast.

    Both server companies should have exceptional uptime and are dedicated Minecraft hosts with Multicraft panels.

    If these dont fit your needs another great dedicated host is MCProHosting.
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  3. Benz56

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    Pebblehost (y)
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  4. When you are talking about beastnode, do you mean the premium or budget?
    Their DDOS protection doesn't seem very good

  5. I'd rather go OVH, or Pebblehost. I'd go into context about them. However, questions are pretty much answered.

    Use CloudFlare instead of PebblesHost for DDOS Protection.
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  6. Cloudflare only protects ports 80, 443 and 8080 is you're not on their enterprise plan, which costs upwards of 1k per month
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  7. I am aware, it was only a suggestion.
  8. ... you're suggesting that OP pays multiple thousands per month to protect a server that they will be paying a couple bucks for?
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  9. Anyone know anything about shockbyte and bisecthosting?
  10. If you're looking to run a public server I'd recommend premium as it'll be more reliable. Budget can run a private server with minimal to no lag and save you money.

    I see a few other hosts mentioned here and I'd advised finding one that has been online for some time and will be online for time to come. You don't want to risk paying for a host that might not be online in the future or one that won't have prompt support.
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    I can vouch for Bisect as well.
    Used them when I hosted a public Skyblock server like a year ago and never had any problems nor downtime. They have an amazing support team that will sort your issues in less than 5 minutes usually. Their prices are a bit higher but they really do provide quality work and reliable servers!
  12. PebbleHost for life!
  13. Benz56

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    Except for the fact that most nodes are currently down at Pebblehost lol...
  14. Shhh, that's supposed to be a secret
  15. I guess you are one of the many people thinking you need 40ms to play Minecraft.

    We've customers from South America and they can play without any issues (230ms).
    The USA usually experiences 80-150ms, of course, a server in the USA has a lower ping but Minecraft does not really depend on it.
    Also, it matters if there are good routes or it's hopping over 50 different locations and loses packets somewhere.
  16. 8GB? Why not try SoYouStart?
  17. Out my budget lol. Besides, I'm using shockbyte for right now
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  18. Countless hours? That's horrible.
    Worse than horrible.
    What? You just said they were down for "countless hours".

    I've been using a premium server from BisectHosting for 6 months. They're great. Server is up all the time and zero lag.
  19. I used to use GGServers (biggest mistake ever) and switched to BisectHosting. We've been using them for over a year, and to be honest, we couldn't be happier. The prices are quite reasonable and affordable, and their support team is phenomenal. Hell, they even have a phone number to call if you need help. Thus far, I haven't experienced any prolonged downtime, and if there were any issues, it was quickly resolved. Their management client (FTP/Multicraft) is customized and very smooth to use.
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