Looking for a good plugin for my server

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  1. I was going to use towny and i feel like it is too complicated for most people but it would be a nice experience, so I am here asking are there any other plugins similar towny? Maybe simpler, maybe focused in other directions, i wouldn't really want to go the factions way but maybe there are also similar plugins to classic factions i know there is factions m core, factionsUUID, and i think it was Factions ONE, anyway even if you have similar to factions i'd be glad, or maybe you know some good plugins for a good simple gamemode, that it is easy to get into, maybe hard to master and get easy hooked into it. I'm just here looking for a good plug...
    Sorry if it doesn't make much sense....
  2. There is Kingdoms, which I have purchased and don't use. I would recommend going with towny because players actually join towny servers. They don't seem to join Kingdoms servers as much (if at all). I know this because I recently ran a Kingdoms Server.
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  3. Thx. Towny is my main if don't find anything better. I am looking for something similar to towny so i can have the aspect creation, builds, be fun and collect resources with little admin moderation(as i have other worl), but simpler so I can attract players easier and engage with them better.
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  4. well my RPG server is going to have a Custom made Factions like plugin called Kingdoms but its gonna be better than the kingdoms plugin your talking about. I want my server over 85% Custom or 90% if possible.
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  5. Oh... NICE! Good for you! One day mine will have too...
  6. really? are you going to develope it or is someone else?
  7. I'm gonna make it with my own hands maybe will the help of other but one day, cause right now i don't know any java, i'm really into programming, i do know some c++, and i have an exam in a few days to change highschools to a highschool and a class really focused on programming. I haven't advanced much in the way of programming since i started, i also really like to build stuff by myself so I won't give up!
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  8. your like me :D
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  9. Thanks! But you seem much more ambitious than me and you have your ideas much more clear in the head.
  10. hmm thank you :p
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  11. why was one of my post funny?
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  12. latiku


    Because you're too optimistic
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  13. ? i was serious about that :p ive done it before and im going to do it again. Maybe the percent was too high i think but i just want Most of my server to be custom.
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