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  1. I am looking for a good host that allows me to pay for an amount of ram and then split that up into multiple servers. Please post as many hosts as you know that have this, I want to see what all of them have. Please give me some advice. P.S. this is for minecraft servers
  2. What exactly do you mean by split that up into multiple servers? Do you just mean like running multiple Minecraft servers with different amounts of RAM on Linux for example?
  3. Yeah, like you basically purchase ram, and then you decide how much you want to allocate to each minecraft server.
  4. I'm pretty sure a VPS is your best option. Or then just buying multiple Minecraft plans of different amounts of RAM from some host
  5. OVH or Hetzner.
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  6. OVH is probably your best bet. We currently use that for our community and it runs very well. If you need help setting it up let me know would be more than happy to get you started. OVH provides top range DDoS protection and high-quality hardware for very cheap.

    We've tested 8 servers running at once with their top line VPS SSD and we saw no issues.

  7. 1blu - if you want to go cheap in everything.
    Contabo, myLoc, Netcup - if you want to go cheap, but still decent.
    Else OVH, Hetzner, Strato, 1&1, Hosteurope
  8. I'm at contabo and got the best VPS there, it's relatively cheap (26,99€ a month) and works pretty good. Yes, they dont have the BEST DDOS Protection.. but its still decent enough to counter attacks. I'm running like 6 Servers on there, a TeamSpeak, a Garrys Mod server a Cloud and some more things.. and the server could still do more.
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  9. I dont get it, why do people still recommend OVH? Unless you are being cheap, there is no actual reason to use ovh.
    "Anti-ddos" included is made to protect their network, not your hosting, meaning that NO uptime is guaranteed, somebody could bypass their firewall and let your server shut down all the time they wanted. Support is non existant and packet loss is a thing to worry about with them (only in some services).
    If you wanted to go with any of those "big" anti ddos, I'd go with voxility, they've tons of resellers that are actually able to modify their firewall and actually help you in case the worst happens.
    Also, since you want to host multiple servers, do not buy a VPS, instead buy a dedicated server.. If your budget is limited i'd recommend zare, thought i didnt have the best experience with their support, they seem to be doing OK now. https://zare.com/dedicated-servers
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  10. I'm sure you don't know what you are talking about.
  11. Alright then im sure you'll have no issues proving why im wrong?
  12. Read Spigot rules, no self advertising
  13. Yeah, OVH is protecting the network like you mentioned, but isn't your VPS connected to the network of OVH?
    Also OVH's VPSses have a very good UPTIME and I never really had any issues with it, though an OVH VPS is not designed to play minecraft on, but can be played on it in smaller forms.
    Also I don't think voxility is not bigger nor better than OVH, though I don't have any experience with voxility. I do know that OVH is one of the bigger players on the market when it comes to hosting companies. They have their own internetline between their datacenters as well, so the MS/PING is low.

    The prices between voxility and OVH aren't even competitive, so I don't think voxility should even be considered at this point. I think voxility is more of a colocation datacenter than an actual host.
  14. Your vps is on their network but they do not protect your vps, they protect their network which is a very different concept.
    While getting protected you're guaranteed an uptime and a group of engineers that will modify their firewall to work best on your project.
    When the network is protected, they will look for their network staying up, meaning that if your server goes down, there is nothing you can do besides maybe purchasing a cisco server with them and setting it up.
    Unless the attack you're receiving affected the entire VAC, you'd be ignored. This comes from personal experience, im not doing any gossip.
    Voxility prices are OK, ofcourse them are more expensive than OVH because ovh has probably one of the best prices avaiable.
    However, did you look on their main page? I mean, voxility is really expensive for "individuals" thats why you buy from a reseller that will give not just voxility but also a custom firewall with cheaper prices.

    Voxility capacity is about 480Gbps if im not mistaken, OVH one should be about 3Tbps(not so sure, could be more)? But note, you're not getting all that capacity, out of all OVH capacity at max you will receive 250Gbps, which is VAC capacity.
    That would be in the best case, where no other client is receiving any ddos attack, so in real terms you're getting about ~170Gbps of protection (each VAC surely handles about 80Gbps 24/7).

    There are resellers that sell voxility vps for little as 2.5$ which is enough for setting up a reverse proxy that will filter your packets to your ori server, thus would be imho a pretty good option if you wanted a better ddos protection than ovh.
  15. They protect their network from DDoS attacks which was discussed. So they protect your VPS from DDoS attacks as well. Firewall is on your machines end. though OVH does have some restrictions on your VPS which is from their side. You don't need an external Firewall from OVH. You can do it yourself on your Ubuntu, CentOS machine or which ever machine. Next to that, OVH has one of the best anti-ddos protection systems on the hosting platform, and I don't think they restrict you in that matter. They only need to balance the DDoS mechanism when multiple OVH machines are getting DDossed at the same time. I think you should read some stuff about OVH. But like I said an VPS from OVH is not recommended for minecraft, though it could be used for a tunnel between your VPS and dedi
  16. Voxility can protect 1.6 tbps+
  17. You dont seem to get my point, the fact that they protect their network doesnt mean your vps doesnt have protection.
    It means that whenever you face any issues, you will be, in short terms, fucked. Because they do not make any exception on their firewall.
    Please do not say that the firewall is on vps end because thats ridiculous, your vps will have as little as 100Mbps or 1Gbps capacity, as soon as that count is reached no matter the firewall you put on the vps, you'll go down. The only way to make "exceptions" on the filtering is by getting a CISCO server which will filter packets before them reach your server.
    Also im not quite sure what are you on about with the balancing stuff? As soon as VAC receives 250Gbps it will just go down because thats its max capacity, downing the VAC wont just affect the "victim" but also other OVH clients.
    And about being best anti ddos around, based on what? Their firewall is mostly based on signatures and few pre-set checks which are easily bypassed, there is legit 0 behaviour checks, as soon as you modify any known-Dos packet and the headers, it will most likely go throught the firewall. What can you do in thus cases with ovh? Nothing, because they're protecting their network and having 1 server down doesnt affect them. Also, OVH doesnt protect you from layer7 attacks nor will do anytime soon (yet they advertize it on their game servers but its bs lol).
    Wrap it all and what you've got is a over hyped anti ddos that has done an awesome marketing to make people believe they're somewhat competent compared to others.
  18. always thought it was 480, thanks for clarifying.
  19. Do you really know how an datacenter infrastructure is designed and what the ins and outs are? Because I thing of what you are telling me is incorrect. What you are saying is just total irrelevant. I think you need to know what an firewall is and what is does/can. Do you know the protocols behind it? Do you know what you can but behind a firewall which will filter packets on TCP and UDP etc.? Because you are saying that, when you are using their network and you have an VPS on their network, that you are fucked because you don't have protection. That is just nonsense really. Yes you do need some extra security on your own server and a FIREWAAALLLLL on the machine itself to filter everything that reaches the server, like port blocking, port filtering, bruteforceattacks etc. OVH vpsses have a 100mbit line.
  20. Sorry i think you clearly dont understand my posts, kindly come back once you have some knowledge about how OVH policies are and how less do they care about you or your servers, my messages were clear enough yet you're always going to the same point that i already explained twice.

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