Looking for a good warzone chest plugin.

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  1. Hey there fellow spigot users,
    You may formally know me as InstantzZHD or the owner of NovaBuildTeam and NovaCraft. I am looking for a specific plugin which basically does the following; I can create a stable chest in a specific area. For example like a warzone. It would reset every X amount of times and also can be looted by all players, and once the loot is gone, it is gone, but after X amount of time, the loot will be randomly reset (not the same loot, can pick out of a range of loots). Now, I know what your thinking, Why not Basic Chests, Or Loot Chests, These all do what i want, But the main thing i need is a way that i can configure the items which spawn in the chest in game, So i can add other items from other plugins, Such as RuneBooks, Or CrateKeys. Any ideas of plugins that i could use ?

    Cheers, InstantzZHD.
  2. Why not Crazy Envoy ?
  3. With CrazyEnvoy, The chests are spawned randomly not the loot, and it sends tons of broadcasts which are not needed, I want the chests to stay where they are, and just refill randomly, Also i dont think crazy envoy lets you add items ingame.
  4. I'm currently using ChestRestock for a similar purpose. It allows you to configure loot tables to randomize item spawning.
  5. Looks ok, Are you able to add items to the loot inside the chest ingame ?
  6. The way I use it is by placing items in the chest, running /cr create and it replenish the chest if players have taken from it every 300s or so.
  7. Thats all good and well, But i would like it if the items spawned in the chest wernt always the same, Like a random selection, I found a plugin which does this But annoyingly enough, You cant add items in game, Meaning i cant add custom items like RuneBooks ect..
  8. As I stated above, it can be randomized using loot tables. Please reference the wiki.
  9. Also as i stated above, This plugin must be able to have a command which i can do too add items from my inventory too the crates, If you read the thread properly, You would have noticed that, This is the fourth time i have started it, Your plugin you showed me does not do this.
  10. Please, easy with the sass. I did a Ctrl+F for "command" and found it nowhere in your original post. You asked for:
    and I provided you with a reference to a plugin that does as you requested: allows in-game setup of these chests. I know it will work with custom items like RuneBooks and CrateKeys because I've used it myself with CrackShot.

    Please, I'm trying to help you. No need to be rude.
  11. Please understand what i am saying, I would like a way to add items which spawn into the chest by a command or something similar, Like ./cr additem (amount) (rarity).
  12. You can use this https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/supply-crates-envoy-1-7-1-9.12504/.
    In game you can type /supplycrates edit this will give you an emerald block which will represent where the chest will spawn at. You can put all of the loot tables either in game with /supplycrates additem (chance) (if you dont want a chance do 100). In the config you can also put how many rewards you would like a player to receive from one crate. You can change this to as many rewards as you want. The rewards aren't exactly random when you put chance: 100.
  13. Looks good, Everything i need, But do the chests stay there permanently ?
  14. Yes as long in the config you do not have random drops on. It will only spawn on that emerald block.
  15. Awesome, I will try this, Thanks dude !
  16. No problem! Good luck!