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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a Kit plugin with these requirements:

    - Clears inventory when choosing a kit
    - Individual Permissions for kits
    - One kit per life
    - GUI (Optional)
    - 1.8.8 Compatible, and compatible with Essentials (Does NOT need to import plugins from essentials kits, just needs to not crash or break :))

    Also don't say KingKits, its broken on my 1.8.8 server and doesn't do anything but giva a general message every time I run a command.

    And yes, I have already researched. After an hour of looking, I still can't find anything but KingKits. And I am NOT asking for a plugin to be made, but if you want to that's fine :).

    Thanks, and please don't reply with something sarcastic or snarky. It ruins the fun.
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  3. Essentials has already per kit permissions.
    Also, you could make a system with skript so it clears the inventory of the player and then it gives the kit.
  4. I need to take scripting in Java lessons, I have no experience with Java.
  5. Its script not java xD. Maybe I can make one for you.. (im not very good at it but I know how to make some things)

    I made this one.

    Code (Text):
    command /starterkit:
        permission: kitgiver.command
            if player has permission "kitgiver.allow":
                execute console command "clear %player%"
                execute console command "kit starter %player%"
                execute console command "lp user %player% permission set kitgiver.allow false"
                 execute console command "msg %player% You already have this kit."
    You have to give the perm kitgiver.command so players can use the command /starterkit
    also you need to give the perm kitgiver.allow this one will be removed once the player gets the kit. I use the LuckPerms command, you can change it to wharever permissions plugin you are using.

    Use it if you want xD its a very homemade fix
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  6. My previous comment shows I have no experience here.

    So do I just rename the script as a jar file? Or do i inject it into something?

    Also nice profile pic ;)
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  7. And is there a way to make the script per world? I have a kitpvp world, and I don't want kits in my other worlds.

    Sorry for being super picky!
  8. You need to download skript, I use this one: https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases and it works food in paper 1.12, also works on spigot.

    Then go to the skript plugin folder, and then to the scripts folder and you just copy+paste the script in a .sk file.


    .sk file:

    And for the perworld thingy, if you are using luckperms you can give the kitgiver.command permission only in a certain world
  9. You can do it for Pex as well. I tried lp but it messed up my chat config so rip.
  10. Dude, props to you. Thanks so much.

    You have inspired me to start learning to script.