Looking for a Minecraft plugin.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for a minecraft plugin which can give the ability to :

    Pick-up a mob spawner with a specific pickaxe which can not be craft by the players and can not be repair like in this picture :

    [ Translate : Spawner Pickaxe - Pick-up a spawner of ur choice ! ]

    Thanks you ! ( sorry for my bad english ^^ )
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  3. But, every player with SilkTouch Enchantement can pick up a spawner with this plugin?

    I want to create a pickaxe which can not be repaired by players, it's possible with this plugin?

    Thanks you again for your answer !
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    I am not sure because I haven't really used the plugin much myself. I will try to find a plugin with what you need though.
  5. I can make a custom enchantment for TokenEnchant to do this ;)
  6. There's an option in the SilkSpawners config to only allow enchantments above a certain level to mine spawners, so you can set that to 2 and make your special pickaxe silk touch 2.
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  7. Thanks You man ! They are not free but it's ok ^^

    Ok thx for your help !

    Why not :)

    Ok , I will try that thx :)