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  1. I've been hosting two Minecraft servers for three years now. I've always kept the community small, up to 20 players, but 8 on average. Recently I started experimenting with modpacks and put one together myself with sponge on top to support some plugins, but since it uses OTG (Biome Bundle) and dungeon generators for terrain generation, the current hosts' 4 core average CPU simply won't do anymore.

    Minecraft Server Information
    1. I run two servers, but I'm getting rid of one to concentrate on the modpack server.
    2. Both servers are survival, one has factions
    3. On average I have around 8 players, can go up to 20.
    4. All servers are in Europe

    Hardware Information
    1. No preference, though I'm not familiar with the advantages.
    2. Up to 15€ for now
    3. I can setup everything myself. I'd rather avoid setup fees.
    4. 4GB, though might upgrade later.
    5. i7 or higher. The higher the better, since the biggest problem at the moment is worldgen.
    6. SSD preferred, though It's not a requirement. 10GB-50GB
    7. low end DDoS protection will do.

    I looked into Withernode today, the technical stats seem fairly decent (Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 4.0GHz) and the price is good, though some other providers had an option for a dual CPU, so I'd rather look through potential alternatives before making a choice.
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    If your server is maxing out 4 CPU cores, the only hosts that will want that are ones that don't monitor their systems/don't care. You're requesting an i7 but all i7's in use by server providers right now are 4 cores only. You need a dedicated server or a Minecraft host that has high core / lower clockrate CPUs.
  3. I assume E5 is preffered then, since some hosts do offer 6 or even 8 cores, but It's hard to find a good place to look for reliable hosts. Google gives many options, but hosts downgrade or have terrible uptime.
  4. Maybe take a look at > https://nitrohosting.pro the offer 2x E5-2640V4, SSD and Ddos Protection and the use Pterodacyl as Panel! Go to the Livechat on the site and you can talk to the Support to find the best solution for your Modpack.
  5. Take a look at https://penguintijn.nl
    It's a hosting created by me and some friends
    We have DDoS protection great uptime & more!

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