Looking for a new Developers for my server

Discussion in 'Programming' started by ImMrCat, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. I was wondering if anyone would like to become a developer for my server DarkPVP. Message me on discord. BixMC#2809. We have a bungee cord network with a factions, skyblock, and smp server.
  2. You've posted this in the wrong section.
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  3. At first, wrong section. Secondly, no one is going to be a free developer on an unknown network.
  4. He didn't mention anything about it being a voluntary position, but at the same time, you could make that assumption as there isn't any note of payment being offered.
  5. With this kind of thread you can expect the OP to be a server owner that wants everything for free and 'quick',.