Looking for a [partner] to make [faction server]

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  1. Hey, I’m looking for someone to become my partner to make a faction server.
    I want you to have knowledge about how to make servers and you have to be able to spend money. I have the ability to create a website for our server and to market it.
    I know perfectly how a good faction server has to be and have ideas why people would play our server and not others. I want you to be 15years old or older. If you are interested
    Add me on
    I’m also looking for a professional builder!
    Discord: NoRiskNoWin#7099
    Skype: aperscasper
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  2. Strahan


    So basically, you're the "idea man" and you need a partner to do all the heavy lifting AND pay for the server.

    lol good luck.
  3. Lol that’s not what I said
  4. Strahan


    Well, then you should clarify because your original message doesn't really sound very enticing to solicit partnership. From what I read, you're just doing the website and marketing. Neither of which are the meat of a server project. What all do you need people for then?
  5. I see that’s not what I meant. I will also do the heavy lifting. Those things about marketing are just some things I can do to above the normal stuff. The reason why I want a partner is cuz on my own it’s harder, we can shear ideas and it’s more fun.
  6. Besides the things that are 'above the normal stuff' what else are you able to contribute to this potential project? Tell us about funds (if any), your experience with server management, what else can you do? I may be interested.
  7. Well I’m willing to spend a lot of money in this project and have a lot of time to invest also cuz our land is in lockdown. I have tried multiple times to create a server but didn’t rlly worked out well cuz there were like things to do where I got stuck so I did quit and also I wasn’t able to spend money but now I do. So so I have some experience with server management. Also I was staff in like 2 faction servers that’s all
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  8. PM me your discord, we’ll talk more.
  9. NoRiskNoWin#7099
  10. I made a convo with you.
  11. NoRiskNoWin#7099