Looking for a performance tweek.

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Premortal, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Please keep in mind, that the server is currently only 1GB and I'm not worried about server performance.
    I'm interested in if anything stands out, like entities or certain things that are taking a lot of service resources.

  2. Perhaps a small plugin that deals with entity spawns. and limit them a bit.
  3. You can't really judge timings accurately when there's only 4% server load.. 1 player average.. The only way to get a meaningful test in most cases is when the server is active and has your average amount of players on.

    Although, I will say that is a very large amount of entities for that amount of players. You can change this in the bukkit.yml.
  4. I don't have much on the server.
    I have a factions shop, some torches and a good sized spawn. But nothing entitie wise. Could Holograms do this?

    EDIT: Plus I have clear lag, and it clears maybe like 1-10 entities each time.
  5. This is a 1 second timing with one player. Says nothing.
  6. Do another timing that ISN'T one second. Run the timing report, then do as you normally do for about 1-2 hours. Then see your timings.