Looking for a plugin Developer(I will pay)

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  1. Hello,

    I´m looking for a plugin developer that can make a plugin for my new server.

    About the plugin:
    It´s a minigame plugin.
    The server is based on it.
    I´ve not seen it jet.
    I will give you the ideas if you add me on skype or i will send it to you via a private message.
    (Only if you are interested to make it)
    I think it´s a advanced plugin.

    Wat i want:
    The plugin(Logical)
    Update it each time there is a minecraft update/bukkit or spigot.
    Sometimes you can update it with bugfixes and more cool stuff.

    Wat jou get
    Jou get payed(The price we can negociate)
    Plugin developer rank
    If you need it you can have a (really) small server to test it on.

    Are you interested to make it? Or want some more info?

    Add me on skype or send me a private message!

    Skype: robincouwenberg

    Thanks in advanced,

    Sry for my english, i sometimes forgot the words.
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  2. I'd like to do dis for jou. PM me more details please.
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  3. Done!
  4. Anyone else interested?
  5. libraryaddict


    You sure are a dedicated troll..
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  6. That wasn´t funny. What he did.

    I´m not really good at english so.
  7. I can't make you that plugin. But if you want I can make you a plugin that makes TNT do 10 times more damage to the world
  8. Ok??
    That i don´t want.

    I haven´t put the idea in the text because i don´t want it that other people copy it, understand?
    It´s a new gamemode not seen jet.
  9. RobinHood_3

    Too paranoid, just blabber it out. That will get more poeple interested.