Looking for a plugin for repairing items with a consumable item

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  1. To put it simply, does anyone know a plugin which can be used to repair a players item via a consumable item in-game?
    At first I thought CommandToItem may work with essentials' /fix, but you can't hold an item while using a consumable, or it just tries to /fix the consumable or the empty hand.
  2. how would u want to specify which item it is?
  3. For example, clicking an eye of ender and making it repair the next item I right click (such as a tool)
    Some plugins do this sort of thing, like mythicdrops putting sockets in socket slots on items.
  4. You're probably going to want to create a List that listens for when you interact with your next item, add them to that list as they click an eye of ender.


    if (event.getItemRightClicked().getType().equals(Material.EYE_OF_ENDER)) {
    //add removal code of the item setAmount(getAmount-1)

    if (arraylist.has(user)) {//means they interacted with eye of ender
    check for item they interacted with this time if its repairable
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