Solved Looking for a plugin[left hand fight]

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  1. I seen it in the past days.Now,I want to find it but I can't find it.Could you please help me find it?
    This plugin add a new combat mechanism that left hand could use sword.
    If you find it,please tell me.Thank you much!:)
  2. It isn't possible without a clientside mod of some sorts.
  3. The player can do this themselves, under options, skin customization.
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  4. No they can't. The fight animation doesn't exist for the offhand. And if it does it won't let you choose both your on hand and offhand to fight.
    Actually it is possible :p
    Here you go, hopefully this is what you're looking for:
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  5. You don't put it in the offhand. You change the 'main hand' in the option menu, and it will switch between which hand you use for items. The 'offhand' switches to the right if you make the 'mainhand' left.
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  6. Yeah but you can't pvp like the OP post said he wanted.
  7. You can, try it yourself. I've been doing it myself for the last few months. Here's one video I found who was doing it:
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  8. I don't think you understand.. the OP wants the ability to use both hands to pvp with. + that video is a plugin obviously you can't override your options to be auto set like that on a server without a plugin.
    Whatever though the OP said it was solved!
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