Looking for a plugin/method for advanced item repair. none seem to exist?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by FlyingLlama, May 24, 2015.

  1. I am setting up a rpg-survival server for some friends using 1.8.4 spigot as the server, and am attempting to find a way to repair items (including enchanted ones) by a certain amount of durability, as well as a way to remove enchantments from an item, and remove the RepairCost NBT tag (incremented every time a vanilla anvil is used) from an item.
    I have tried using /entitydata to modify the items, which does not work, and looked at dozens of outdated plugins, or ones that simply duplicate /repair (in so many plugins)..
    Compatibility with custom names/lore/NBT tags is essential.

    TL;DR i want a way to let players (partially) repair rare/epic gear with scaling costs, OR a way to reduce the RepairCost tag by a set amount/set it to 0, And a command to remove enchantments from an item.

    Is this possible? does it exist already?
  2. A disenchant plugin exists, and all kinds of them can be found here.
    As for the other ones, I can make them for you.
    PM me.
  3. Due to being new, and the antispam filter, i cannot PM yet.. is it really that simple/easy? i have c++ (but no java) experience and could probably make them myself if i knew where to start.
  4. Well.
    I don't rekon the plugins will be quality for a starter, but look at the bukkit docs.
  5. One of the older disenchant plugins seems to work properly, thank you. I have had interesting experiences with pre-1.7 plugins acting unusually on 1.8 spigot, and had not really considered them.
    How hard would it be to make a command that simply repairs your held item by X amount of durability? ie: /repairby 50, or a command to set RepairCost to 0 for the held item?