Looking for a plugin (Sorry if this is the wrong area)

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by TheOpWolf, Jun 29, 2020 at 10:51 AM.

  1. Hi users of spigot!
    I'm looking to try and find a plugin where you can have a singular mob spawner that is modular and upgradable and couldn't find one. If anyone knows of such a plugin or has suggestions on how I could make this work that would be amazing.

    Im fine with testing a bunch of plugins to see if they are what im looking for so if you have something that is close please still comment it!

  2. Please elaborate on 'modular'. What modules would there be? As simple as increasing mob spawning rate and exp drops?

    I can only think of premium plugins. One is GC.'s plugin AdvancedSpawners (iirc). I know another one but I won't name it since I don't want any server owners to suffer from her resources.
  3. Was thinking of like you can put multiple types of spawn egg into the same spawner and also upgrade things like spawning rate and drops.
    So a fully upgraded one might spawn say witches, iron golems, blazes, zombies, skeletons etc and they would all drop like 3x or 4x normal mc drops.
  4. Sounds like you will need it custom made by paying a developer here
  5. noooooooooo.
    ok well ill take a look at AdvancedSpawners or just use multiple spawners instead of 1 modular one.
  6. Unfortunately you're asking for something pretty advanced and unique so it doesn't exist on the platform. I don't think anybody would do this for free, unless you're in the dreamscape.