Looking for a plugin that blocks : in commands.

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  1. Hello.
    Recently I have been looking for a plugin which blocks : in any command,
    I have found quite a few that do this but I want a customisable message instead.
    I was wondering if anyone knew a plugin which does this?
    If not I will consider hiring someone.
  2. Do you mean like /essentials:command or /bukkit:command or any /plugin:command?

    Search for CommandDoesNotExist in the resource section. You can block any command or any string, such as * or :
  3. You can use skript if you want ._. (please dont hurt me java devs)
    Code (Text):
    on command:
        if "%command%" contains ":":
            cancel event
            send "&c&l(!) &cYou are not allowed to use commands with ':' in them"
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  4. Works! Any way that you can disable 2 commands in one skript?
  5. Could use regions to block commands?
  6. Racer, I just installed the CommandDoesNotExist plugin after seeing this post and it works fine. I recommend it.
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  7. Yes there is.
    Code (Text):
    on command:
        if the command is "version" or "ver":
            if user does not have permission "command.bypass":
                cancel the event
                send "you don't have perms"
    You split the commands with an or and wrap them in ""
    With this code anyone that has the "command.bypass" (or anything you want) permission will be able to run the original command.
  8. We're already planning on sneaking it to your room later tonight for making one of us lose a client.
  9. Exactly my fear.

    Although, I've made an oath to learn java over the summer! So forgive me please.
    I have a lot of really cool skripts that I haven't seen as plugins yet.