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  1. Hello everybody,

    I've been looking for a RandomTP plugin that can only teleport players to defined, preset co-ordinates/locations, that are randomized. It'd also be great if you could define these co-ordinates/locations with a command, not through a config.yml or manually inputting the co-ords.

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. preset locations that are random. You wut?

    I assume you mean you have a list that the plugin selects one location from and teleports the user to it?
  3. Say you do /rtp.
    The plugin chooses a random co-ordinate that was given to it via a command, such as /rtp set location.
    The problem I have with this, is that most other rtp plugins are 100% randomized, so it really does find a random location throughout a world that's safe. My problem is that I want that certain "random" location to be a location that can be defined by configuring the plugin.

    So basically, yeah.
  4. So randomly selected for a list, as opposed to randomised.
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  5. I might make this for you, since it is pretty easy.

    Which spigot version is your server using?


    Edit: Made it. Since it's not as much useful for other I think, I uploaded it to my server. You can get the file from HERE. You should see the file there.

    The base command is /rt and it will teleport the user if they have the permission "presettp.use".
    To add locations use '/rt add'. You will need the permission "presettp.admin" to use that command.

    Also, if you leave the teleport message blank, the message will not get displayed. Colour codes are supported as seen in the example message.
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  6. 1.8.8 R01 Snapshot.