Looking for a plugin that lets you send raw text in the chat

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  1. I’m looking for a plugin that works in 1.15.1 and comes with a command that simply lets you send a raw message in the chat with no prefix. It must support colour codes with the & sign.

    I would use the vanilla /tellraw command, but it’s not simple as you have to use tags, and while it supports colour, it doesn’t use an ampersand sign for that.

    I did find several plugins that do this, but all of them are years old. I’m sure there is a plugin that does this that works in 1.15.1. If there’s not, perhaps I’ll commission it.
  2. What sort of messages? And do you want custom commands you can set, with custom raw outputs, or what ?

    Whats the purpose of the command?
  3. I want a command that outputs raw text in the chat, no prefix or anything, and supports colour codes. I forgot to mention this in the original post, but having a target selector would be great too. I don’t care about extra features such as creating custom commands because if I wanted to, I could just do that in commands.yml.

    Syntax: /raw <player> <text>
    /raw @a &6&lHello! would display this message in chat to all players:
    If the target selector were “John,” it would instead send that message only to John, and no other players would see it except the player who used the command, so that the command user can verify that the message appears as they wanted it to. If the target selector is @p, it would send the message to the command user—or, if it’s run via a command block, to the nearest player, just like vanilla commands.

    It wouldn’t say who sent it, and it wouldn’t have a prefix or suffix or anything else.
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  4. I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for. I don’t want to create custom commands—just have one command that lets me send raw text in the chat using a target selector. And besides, that plugin comes with a lot of stuff that I don’t need.

    I found this plugin, which can do exactly what I want plus a little more, but sadly, it hasn’t been updated in five years.

    If anyone is willing to make a plugin like this, PM me, and I’ll pay (not a huge amount since this would be a pretty small plugin).
  5. I may have found what you're looking for. Something simple just liked you asked.
  6. By default, that plugin’s command outputs a large box in the chat with a message in the middle. I tried changing the formatting in the config so it’s just the message and nothing else, but that didn’t work; it still used the default formatting.

    The command also does not have a player/target selector parameter. Thanks for the recommendation anyway. I’ve asked the mod author for help and requested a player parameter.

    Edit: There was an error with my syntax in the config. I fixed it, and now, it works, being able to send raw text, supporting colour codes. This is exactly what I want minus the player selector part. :)
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  7. Its a chat plugin, I don't see why it wouldn't work on 1.15. Also if you didn't notice, it says "Tested Minecraft Versions" which means the developer has only tested it on 1.12, it could very well (and probably does) work on other versions.
  8. This is why Skript exists.

    Code (Text):
    Command /sendMessage <player> <text>:
        Permission: perm.permission
        Permission message: You cannot use this.
        Description: Send a formatted message to a player
        Usage: /sendMessage <player> <message>
            send arg 2 to arg 1