Solved Looking for a plugin that showcases items with its data

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  1. So players on my server have typing "[item]" hoping it would showcase their items in chat with its data. I've been looking for a plugin that does what they need for the past hour with no hopes. If you please are aware of one link it to me, currently I can't do premium so don't link these. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bump, still looking for one.
  3. You mean

    if an player uses /item it will tell you the Name/Lore ItemData?
  4. RobHutten that works aswell, I just need to tell them to use /item instead.
  5. He means if a player says in chat "This my sword: [item]" , [item] would be replaced by the item that they are holding in their hand.

    EDIT: I've looked into this and it is possible that I'll make one later. I'll stay in touch. =)
  6. Thanks for that, but I think what the players want it to show in like a tooltip and show all enchants as if you where hovering over the actual item in your inventory.
  7. I think ge will help you ;):D
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