Looking For a plugin that Stops end gateway from spawning after the Dragon's Death

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Thefantheo, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Hello everyone !
    So the title is pretty much self-explanatory but let me clarify a few things. I have world guard, and neither the flag enderdragon-block-damage nor block-place/break stop it from spawing.
    I tried seaching around for a plugin like that but i guess it doesn't exist, or i'm just bad at looking for things.
    If you could tell me a way to do that, either in a settings file or a plugin it would be awesome !
  2. I know I am a bit late, and I'm not sure if you still need this, but in case; you are searching for a plugin that prevents the portal to the overworld (see image below) from spawning when the ender dragon dies, right?

  3. Yes exactly ! If possible in 1.8 :D
  4. Got you, I will let you know within an hour or two, if that's ok
  5. You can use my DragonSlayer for that...
    Just set 'createportal' for your world to false
    (is set to 'true' for new worlds by default, until the first dragon got killed)