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  1. Hello. I am looking for a plugin that by using the command /gmc or /gm 1 or /gamemode 1 it opens a GUI that allows you to take items from it. can anyone send me a link to such a plugin ?
  2. I can create one for you if you provide more info. If player executes command /gmc, gui pops up, that allows player to take items, then close and reopen and there are again the same items?
  3. Yes !. can you join my server? i have a few things to tell you. i will tell you more information about the plugin also
  4. Why not just tell it here and if it won't be too hard and I won't be too lazy I can make it.
  5. because i have an offer for you
  6. And you can't refuse it Night :D
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  7. well I want the GUI to open by using the command /gm 1 and i want in the config that i will be able to choose which items will be in the GUI and which items wont be. i want to be so when you press some item that you want to take, it will give you 64 of it. and thats it actually. if you need anything else to know just tell me
  8. I am currently making different plugin, but your's seems pritty easy. In case you do not want to learn it and want it for free, you can wait until I finish my project (pritty big actually) and I can make that for you. Otherwise you can send me your skype and we can talk about small price to make that.
  9. How far regarding to customizesation you want this plugin to be?
    For example:
    - do you want to set your own title?
    - do you want to set your own height?
    - do you want to have more then 1 page? Or want it to auto calculate for you (if it needs a second page)?
  10. I want to set my own title yes. And I want it to be in every page max 40 items and then you can just move to the next page and then the next and the next and so on. Like you press some arrow or something that opens the next GUI page with other items. and about the height, I did not understand what you mean
  11. Owke I started making this plugin a few hours ago during class. I'll finish this and hopefully contact you in a few hours saying I've finished it :) Just have to test if it's working and implementing the page thing :)
  12. Yay thanks :D ! ! you helped me alot
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  13. I had some difficulties regarding errors.
    I am starting with the page thing right now!

    It's 1.11 am in my country. I have classes tomorrow. I'll will try and finish this as soon as possible (I hope at least at the end of friday 5/05/2017 (Day/Month/Year).


    - Putting items on the page. (Only 40 are allowed. The others are on the other page)
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  14. you know you dont have to put the items for me there. ill choose which items will be in the GUI and when i get to 40 in the first page it there will be 2 pages that you can pick items from and if i get to 40 again so 3 pages and so on
  15. Yes I know :) But I have to make a method of some sort which calculate that. And I am testing this by putting items myself.
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  16. Done. May I ask why? :)