Solved looking for a ranks plugin that I can have a preview of what the rank has access to

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  1. I am would like for players to be able to view what perms/perks/etc they would get when they rank up... I don't know if I'm explaining this properly... Do any of y;all know how i can do this... thanks in advance
  2. You can use Skript, look for at your Browser Skript Events. i recommend u know more about codes (Plugins, events etc)
  3. You are probably better off using a plugin like BossShop or ChestCommands to create guis, which would show the ranks and what is included with that. I feel like that is what most servers use that do stuff like that!

    EDIT: As the previous guy said you could use Skript, but if you are unfamiliar with Skript I wouldn't suggest pushing yourself to learn it for this. I personally use Skript now because its a lot more customizable rather than downloading all these tiny plugins for little things.
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  4. thanks to both of you... using script seems to be the way to go and it can accommodate this, will watch for them to update to 1.13 api and go with that.. thanks so much!
  5. It might be a while ;) It seems like they're moving at a snails pace at this point.