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  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Elie. I am soon going to release my PaintTheFloor plugin for 1$, but as paypal is not available in my country, i decided to give the money to some server in need. If you have a server with 50 players + and desperetly need money, shoot me up with a PM and i'll respond as soon as possible.
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    Why not just upload the plugin for free if you're not interested in keeping the money for your work? Uploading it as a free resource will likely get it much more publicity if people like it.
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  3. I just want to share the money for something useful. Make someone happy.
    That's all i want.
  4. I agree with @MikeA. What if something happens and you need access to the paypal account for any reason? :p
  5. Eh, what..
    I told you, no paypal in my country, no way to donate, no way to host a server.
  6. What about make the plugin free and add a donation button to the page :)
  7. But, donation for what D:
  8. Ok instead of players actually buying your plugin you upload it for free. Then if some pms you, you can then add a PayPal donation button on your page so people can donate if they like your plugin
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    A server with over 50 players should be more than financially stable. Why not give it to a smaller server with potential IF you still want to make it premium? :)
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  10. This is very nice of you @ElieTGM
    There is many servers that deserve more players and its so hard to get players to join your server without a good subscriber base on YouTube.
    I have a server that I tried to get players on for a few months and it was so hard, right now I'm having a custom skywars plugin made for it to hopefully bring in some new players.