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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by konsolas, May 16, 2015.

  1. konsolas


    I've been using bisecthosting for some time now, but I can only run 1 server per subscription, and I'd quite like vps which I can use for testing.

    I've been thinking about the KS-2 SSD (Yes, I know it isn't a VPS), and was wondering if it would run 2 simultaneous servers, with 20 slots each.
  2. What are you planning on testing? If you really need a small server for a few plugins you should just get a shared host to keep your costs down.
  3. Minespan is $1.50 per gigabyte of RAM
    I use it for my server. I really like it.
  4. Why not use a local server for testing?
  5. Maybe he needs to test with other players and his computer/internet connection isn't powerful enough to hold the amount of players he needs.
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  6. konsolas


    Mainly minigame plugins I've written.

    That's exactly my problem.

    I've heard that OVH classic isn't powerful enough to really do a minecraft server. Are you sure? As I said, I need 2 servers with 20 slots each, running on one VPS/Ubercheap dedi.
  7. I prefer McProHosting as Server Hosting :D
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  8. dtm

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    At almost $10/GB it's not exactly the best option for most.
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  9. JamesJ


    I have used KS/OVH for VPS's/Dedicated servers. They did the job fine.
    If you've got a bit more money to splash, I would recommend going to a cheap SYS server, mainly because they do the job well. I currently host my whole demo network on one SYS machine, and it works fine. However, that's just my personal preference and may be out of your price range.
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  10. I agree with @FloThePony MineSpan.com is very cheap, never used them but if its only for testing you won't really be needing alot of the features other hosts provide.
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  11. konsolas


    Thanks everyone, I'm going to get the SYS-HDD-1 and use that for everything, including my current test servers.