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  1. I know there are quite a few out there, but I don't want quite a few. I want one that is very light weight for a large amount of players. We've tried numerous plugins, and everytime it logs a kill or something along the lines of that, there is a tiny lag spike, so imagine that times 200+. Any recommendations, thanks! ;)
  2. Have one made. I don't personally like servers with scoreboards/stats. It's an annoyance. They should at least have it turned off by default. Not everybody wants it.
  3. Well it's more a grind thing, most popular servers have kills, or stats via command or leaderboard. Gives the players something to compete for.
  4. There is a plugin called gstats
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    Look into Minetrends.
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    Why not just utilize the built in minecraft statistics? It already has everything you could want to track stat wise. The only fallback is how stats are stored but even with that, you could get a developer to create a very small plugin that fetches stats on a certain interval and sends them to a mysql database.
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  7. I will make you a custom one!
    (for free)
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    You're looking for a plugin which saves players data to HashMaps, and when they log, it'll be saved?