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  1. Hey

    I have been looking for a tablist plugin for a long time. I have seen servers which had a different color for every rank in the tablist also everyone was ordered from highest rank to lowest rank (in the tablist). I don't know if this is possible with essentials. By the way my server is on 1.13 but I'm also willing to try "not officially updated" plugins.
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  2. NameTagEdit the best plugin for this
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  3. If someone already said the exact same answer, you shouldn't replied the same answer again. Just give them a rating & move on. It's just not necessary to reply to the topic with the same answer as other people.
  4. Apart from other good plugins that have been suggested above "NameTagEdit" for example, you could also try out Hydra It does really well for tablist, as you can lay it out exactly how you want and add all kinds of extra stuff into the tablist, apart from just prefixes/suffixes.
  5. Splazeing


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  6. Yes. And it is stable, too. :)
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  7. Thanks for all your replies! TAB REBORN and NametagEdit look very promising so I'm definelty going to try them.
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