Looking for a tablist plugin (header + prefixes based on luckperms)

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  1. I've tried setting up about 5 different plugins sofar and none have allowed me to set the prefix based on luckperms weight
    I want owner admins and mods at the top, then donaters then other members however either the plugin prefixes don't work or the names are all mixed up regardless of luckperm rank
  2. the plugin is working!
    Now I have to see if it will combine with another plugin that lets me add a custom header and footer
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  3. Use Title Manager if you want something free for header and footer.
    But if you have money, otherwise use Tab by Max.
  4. I've gotten this whole thing to work with nametagedit and stablist for the header/footer
    works for what I need perfectly and nametagedit is amazing! thank you
  5. no problem my dude :)