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  1. Hello,

    I currently hold onto 3-4 almost completed Minecraft server setups. I am looking for a reputable user to manage and own one (or all of them). I will do all the back-end work (website, server hosting, etc.) and you will get 75-80% of the profits (if any) after server up-keep costs.

    All graphics, websites, and hosting will be paid for. But in return user will have to spend time setting up the server, configuring the plugins, making the server clean, advertising, and being the face of the server as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions and/or voice your concerns in the comments below, I will address them there and then update this thread.

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  2. Strahan


    I'm confused; you said the person would be the one hosting it, then you said all graphics (don't use apostrophe for pluralization btw), websites and hosting will be paid for. If you are paying for it, what do you mean the person hosts? Also what do you mean all "administrations work"? If you are doing all the admin work, then why is the person spending hours setting the server up? Setting it up so it's public and available takes a few minutes. The hours come in configuring it, and if you are doing admin work on servers already "almost completed" I don't see where the person will be spending hours on it.

    Not really understanding it.
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  3. When I say host I mean like someone hosts a house party or something... they are in charge of managing the server and making sure it succeeds. The person hosts the server.

    I should've clarified on the administrations work, I mean all backend/web stuff. I will do all the website, purchasing the actual hosting, all the brick and mortar. The server needs setting up, it has all the plugins and all the essentials. Just needs time to be configured and time taken through to make sure it is clean and then advertising and other stuff.

    Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it! Hopefully this cleared some things up. @AgainstTheNight @FloThePony, if you two have any questions please ask as well. I noticed you liked Strahan's comment.
  4. Hi there, I’d be interested in doing that!
  5. I have messaged you.

    Thanks for your interest.
  6. If you are still looking, I am interested. Is there a minimum age requirement for this?
  7. I.e he’s wondering if <12 is ok ;)

    Real shnizzles I remember u from a while back so I’ll message u about something slightly different.
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  8. No minimum age if you have experience. Give it a shot, I'll message you.