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  1. Hey guys i am searching for an good host

    My MC server:
    1. How many servers do you run? 1
    2. What type of servers do you run? Prison
    3. On average, how many players do each of your servers have per day? i think about 10+ players
    4. Where are most of your players located? USA and EU

    1. What type of hosting are you looking for? VPS/Shared host
    2. What is your monthly budget? $20
    3. Do you mind setup fees? No i dont want setup fees
    4. How much memory will you need for the entire server itself? 5GB RAM
    5. What type of CPU would you prefer? Xeon E3 or an I7 or I5 is good
    6. How much storage space will you need? 120GB
      • What type of storage would you prefer? SSD
    7. Would you like DDoS protection? Permanent Mitigation
  2. Why Not get Dedicated?
  3. You don't feel that 5GB ram is a bit excessive for ten plus players? I would suggest the beastnode hosting company. I've been using them for the last four months and have been quite impressed.
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  4. BeastNode is bae,
    Not really,
  5. never heard about worlds and plugins plus players?
  6. Wow, never heard of politeness? Your ignorance and rudeness is surprising. I have news for you. I run a server with a max of about 14 players every day. I have a creative world plus 3 survival worlds. I am also working on an adventure world with quests etc on the same server. My server has 69 plugins and runs on 1gb (Yes, one) ram since the last 4 months.

    Its called efficiency and high performance tweaking. That's the spigot tagline. But go ahead.
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  7. *-*
    I don't see any rudeness there?
  8. But ya i am filling my server with some little custom plugins that are asking so much resources (RAM) and normal downloaded plugins

    So i am not rude -_-
  9. Agree, 1GB Is a lot.
    It's mainly CPU, ram isn't everything you know.
    I ran a factions server with like 70 plugins, 10ish players mainly and I use to play LEGIT survival with COAL (lowest rank) kit which was ok and received once a week. I use to also drop like iron kits weekly for a DP I never picked up ONE as I ran it.
    Iron is the second lowest rank.

    I also teamed with someone who was gold rank (3rd lowest) which paid the money, and we were always in a Skype call.
    Gold rank got a Raiding kit, which in that kit had 3 creeper eggs, 32tnt, 3 golden apples which was once every 2 days. It only had 1gb of ram and I was like constantly raiding with my creeper spawners for 25k in the shop.
  10. Sorry but they are pretty expensive for me
  11. 20 dollars for 4GB of VPS RAM?
  12. Is wdmsh, dmch or freaze good?
  13. Why not get dedicated?
    Try hostdzire, you get e3 and 16 gb for $55
  14. I heard that ovh cloud servers are really reliable and cheap
  15. i think starting with shared hosts are cheaper untill i get more players on and have donations then i consider to get an dedicated server or an VPS

    EDIT: i checked hostdzire but why dedicated because always is that out of my budget =/
  16. link?
  17. Most Shared host oversell their ram..
    Shared host :
    If you use too much CPU = :) you know..
    Oversell their ram
    Good for small servers

    Dedicated :
    Do Anything you want :) (just not illegal)
    if Dedicated Then Kimsufi, $41 first month then $27 Everymonth