Looking for an item spawning plugin!

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  1. My server used to use a plugin called ItemSpawner, it was a great plugin, but no longer works since it's not been updated in a long time.
    If anyone knows of a plugin that can spawn in items (with custom names) please, please, let me know.
    I prefer not to summon items with command blocks (it ends up spamming the chat with "summoned item" text.) and setting up all of the redstone clocks is a pain (since I would need too many of them).

    If someone could tell me of a plugin that can make item spawners, or if there is an updated version of ItemSpawner somewhere that I don't know of, please let me know. My servers a roleplaying server, running on 1.11.2.
  2. Not sure what you mean, like if you were to do /customitem [item] [amount] [data] [custom name] [lure]

    With out any messages or something in chat? Do you get it in your inventory or is it placed on the ground? Does it have to repeatedly place them?
  3. Basically it's like how a mob spawner would be, except it would spawn the items.
    It's a somewhat realistic rping server, based on the Warrior cats series. Since mobs are disabled at the moment, I had the spawners set up around different areas in each territory, that would spawn the food, or prey items. Each food was renamed (like Frog, Squirrel, etc).

    If there were a way I could do it with a command block (that didn't require redstone clocks everywhere), then it could work. It would have to spawn the item repeatedly. It's a dropped item with a custom name that the players could pick up.

    Sorry, it may be a bit hard for me to explain. XD
  4. Like this? https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/gorea-item-spawn
  5. Then contact the developer, it has been recently updated so the project isn't dead.