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  1. Hello so I am looking for a website/link of a bunch of player names with various skins. I am currently adding NPCs to my server and I need to make them look nice xD

    I am mainly looking for these type of skins
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  2. Hey thanks for the help. I already checked these out, but they did not match for what I needed. I have been messing around with names and I have been finding out skins that worked for what I needed them to. I still need more skins though, but there does not seem to be a good source with a lot of skins sadly
  3. An advanced way to do it is to set your skin to be the desired skin. Use /npc skin -p [your name] to save a snapshot of the skin and then change your skin to the next skin to save. The only disadvantage is that you may have to redo this if Minecraft updates or a bug occurs. Make sure you are on the latest development build of Citizens as well.
  4. Does that really work even if the server restarts?
  5. Very helpful, thank you :)
  6. Maybe there are some skins at the skindex? Maybe if you try, and search specific, you can find one? :)
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  7. I know this is an old post but I am looking for something similar to this at this moment, did you ever find a website?
  8. I sadly never found a website, what I ended up doing was just making a test npc in citizens and kept putting random player names. The ones I liked I kept.
  9. I usually type in random names and find cool things :p
  10. EXACTLY my way of doing it xD
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  11. Hello Guyz,
    I had the same problem. I solved it like this :
    1- Create the npc with the name I want.
    2- Use this command : /npc skin [nameoftheskinowner]

    To find some skin, look at this : http://minecraft-skin-viewer.com/skin-finder
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  12. this is old but the best way to find a skin is by googling mcskinsearch.com they have every prem acc skin with names
  13. I have found a skin for a knight if you are still looking for one,
  14. Minersneedcooleshoes is what I use.

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