Looking for data: Most popular Minecraft server software, inc. vanilla

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    Hi all,

    Sometime between 2014 and 2016, a Mojangsta tweeted (I think) a chart that showed the total usage of Minecraft servers globally from Mojang's data. It showed that Bukkit/Spigot was used more than the official vanilla Minecraft server software.

    I've spent the last hour trying my best advanced search skills on Google and Twitter, but I can't find anything. I was wondering if anyone by chance had this saved or archived somewhere and could share the original source. I'd like to cite it for something I'm working on.


    - jwf
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  2. Hello, do you mean this?
  3. I think you mean these charts? Or, are you looking for the original tweet?
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    Thanks for following up. :)

    This repo had what I wanted. While the torrent is effectively offline as there are no more seeders, there is a tarball in that repo which had the data I wanted from the Minecraft snooper settings, from around 2013:


    It's a huge JSON blob. It's on my Somedayâ„¢ list to bust out some Python and count the number of servers and what server software they use. Maybe this will finally give me a good reason to play with some of the data science libraries in Python.